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InterPV is Always Keen to Learn of Your Stories!

InterPV invites you to share your expertise, views, experiences, news and product information with our readers in over 80 countries worldwide. Through this free editorial opportunity you can contribute us:

1) Bylined Articles, Case Studies, Application Stories

InterPV wants to keep our readers apace with the developments in market and technology of solar photovoltaics. To give our readers a chance to learn what the industry experts have to say about a variety of Security issues, we are inviting your company to submit an article to be read by industry peers.
All you need to do is submit your security related articles. If you dont already have one, well give you all the information you need to start one as follows:

ㆍ Article Length:
-Bylined Articles: 2,000~3,000 words
-Case Studies, Application Stories:
Longer Version) 1,500~2,000 Words
Shorter Version) 400~600 Words
ㆍ Article Format: MS Word
ㆍ Topics: We are basically interested in any topics that are related to solar PV.
ㆍ Please include photos. Charts and graphs are optional. Images should be in JPEG file over 300dpi.
ㆍ Add headings.
ㆍ Less than 100 words of an upfront to the story
ㆍ Deadline: Please contact Jeanny Lim (swied@infothe.com) for details.
2) News about Your Company, People, Business, Technology

Please send us your press releases and newsletters whenever they are available. Whether you have some pressing news, business updates, or innovation stories in products, processes or in organization, we will be pleased to hear from you.
* Note: Accompanying photos are welcome. Photos should be in JPG and over 300 dpi.
3) Product Information and Images

InterPV is introducing new products in every issue. PV Products around the world are showcased to broaden the range of choices for buyers and end-users. If your company has recently released a new product or made a technological breakthrough, please share it with us by submitting the information according to the guidelines below.

ㆍ Title of the Product: (e.g. High Efficiency Solar Panels)
ㆍ Model Name:
ㆍ Product Explanation: (Approx. 100 words)
ㆍ Pictures in JPEG format over 300 dpi

Editorial Submission Deadline:
1st of every month prior to the issue

Please send Articles, News and Product Information to Jeanny Lim at swied@infothe.com.
For more information, please e-mail Jeanny Lim at swied@infothe.com
or give her a call at +82-2-719-6931.

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