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[June 2012 issue]



Act for Solar Cuts Faces Mediation
Solar Polysilicon Pricing Plunges
Spending on PV Equipment to Bottom of Cycle in Q2’12
PV Module Suppliers Switch Tactics as Wafer Prices Fall 70%


Stop Waiting for the Water to Boil!
Collaborating to build a robust solar module industry

Anyone involved in the solar module business for the last few years can’t help but be amazed at the dramatic swings in opportunity. The drama has been high─who will win, who will lose, when will the market stabilize?
- By John F. Jordon



JA Solar: Transitioning from a Cell Manufacturer to a Module Provider
Dr. Peng Fang, CEO of JA Solar, one of the largest PV cell manufacturers in the world and a rising star on the module market, talks about JA Solar’s core competencies and 2012 strategies.
- By Jeanny H. Lim



Comparing Germany’s and California’s Interconnection Processes for PV Systems
This article preliminarily compares interconnection processes for small residential applications as well as larger commercial- and utility-scale projects in California and Germany to identify important differences. This work is meant to be a starting point to better understand and inform the different interconnection processes.
- By Elizabeth Doris

Country PV Factsheet Part-3: Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, UK
This final of three articles examines the PV market in Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and the U.K. Each factsheet consists of National Data, PV Industry Survey Results, Barriers and Recommendations, and Results and Future Development.

Smart Grids and PV Integration: Wait and Watch
Integration of growing solar PV power with smart grids will usher in a new energy sector. However, implementation of large-scale solar power plants faces significant challenges because of its integration with the power grid.
- By Suchitra Sriram

Quantifying the True Resource Potential of Solar-Rich South Africa
Reliable solar resource information can give answers to many questions. It is important not only for mitigating financial risk involved with a project but also helps choosing the most suitable technology options.
- By Harsh Goenka

Gujarat Solar PV Industry: Past, Present and Future, and Current Solar Power Plant on Adrenaline
We have seen tremendous growth and expertise built around solar PV as a renewable industry since 2008 in Gujarat, India.
- By Nilesh Patel



Developing Large-Scale Solar Systems in the U.S.A.: Where Only the Brave Venture
The U.S.A. seems to be the ideal location for large-scale solar development. But what seems to be a perfect location actually can be an exceptionally difficult one. We will discover why.
- By Bob Parkins



A Tax to Solve a Carbon Conundrum: An Opportunity for Taiwan’s Solar Industry

By applying a carbon tax, the solar industry could rapidly accelerate the deployment of technologies in Taiwan and allow the industry to experience considerable growth. Such a move might result in the dawn of a new sustainable age in Taiwan.
- By Dino R. Ponnampalam



PVCON 2012-2013
PVCON 2012-2013 (PV WORLD CONFERENCE AND BUSINESS FAIR) takes place on September 6, 2012, in Seoul, Korea.



First Solar PV REC Spot Market Launched
The first Reneable Energy Credits spot market held over two days for solar PV on February 28th and non-PV on February 29th got off to a smooth start.



STX Solar: Change the Frame and You Change the Game
A 28-year semiconductor technology expert and newly appointed CEO of STX Solar, Dr. Choi Jin-seog argues that the solar players need to see the market from a different perspective.
- By Jeanny H. Lim

LSIS: Taking a System Approach to Solar
“It’s not a crisis. It’s an opportunity,” says Shin Dong-jin, Director of Phtovoltaic Sales & Marketing at LSIS. “Because we are different,” he adds. What is LSIS doing different? InterPV Editor-in-Chief Jeanny Lim sat down with Shin to talk more about this.
- By Jeanny H. Lim



Multiple Advances Combine to Deliver Unified Improvement in the PV Market
Thin-film silicon manufacturing technology has improved rapidly to keep pace with a fast-changing landscape. The latest generation production lines for thin-film silicon have an estimated manufacturing cost of just US$0.50 per watt, highly competitive even in turbulent conditions.
- By Chris O’Brien

Perfect Line
In the wafer production, the preliminary process step of adhesive glueing of silicon bricks onto wire-saw beam is quite often severely neglected.
- By Wolfgang SchUrgers



Monosilane-Based Polysilicon Production: A Question of Safety?
Innovative technologies like monosilanebased polysilicon production offer the potential to retain competitiveness in a quickly changing market.
- By Dr. Burkhard Wehefritz

Woongjin Energy: Expanding Solar Wafer Business
Woongjin Energy CEO, Lee Jae-gyun talks to InterPV about their continuous efforts to achieve their goal─releasing cost competitive and high-efficiency products to suit various market conditions.
- By Stella Y. Lee



Grid-Tied vs. Grid-Interactive Systems: A Primer
After a generation of renewable energy choices that required integrators to either tie systems to the grid or shun the traditional source of power altogether, the development of grid-interactive PV inverter systems signals a better future.
- By Mark Cerasuolo



Integrated Balance of System Solution: The Next Solar Cost Saving Frontier
Reducing BoS field labor and material costs on projects are critical to achieving competitive system performance and pricing.
- By Phil Winters

Not All O&M Agreements Are Alike
A customized O&M plan that suits the needs of the asset managers, owners, and investors ensures the highest performance levels throughout the system life cycle.
- By Maureen McHale

Solar Implemented in Telecoms
Leadcom Integrated Solutions designed and successfully implemented three largescale solar power systems for one of the world’s largest telecom operators.
- By Stella Y. Lee



Protecting Solar Panels from Theft
Over the last three years, the solar industry has grown and as with any new industry, the more economic output equals a number of security issues.
- By Rebekah Bowie

Solar Marketing How-Tos
Iris Krampitz, Founder of Press Agency Krampitz, felt a need to explain to managing directors and marketing & PR heads of solar and other high-tech companies about her experience and marketing communications expertise.
- By Stella Y. Lee

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