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Product Pipeline: We Just Dont Like Standing Still.

Leading global photovoltaics companies are presenting their product pipelines (innovative solar products). The robust and diverse pipelines are a testament to their dedication, inspiration and hardwork to creating a cleaner and brighter future.

Reported by Jeanny Lim



1 Gintech Energy Corporation. Gintech will put its focus on improving the quality and reliability of its current major products, and doing whatever it takes to satisfy its customers worldwide.








2 SCHOTT Solar AG. SCHOTT Solar AG will launch double glass modules for longest durability with 30-year warranty of the module- performance. It will launch first standard MWT module in 2011. In the mid-term, SCHOTT intends to implement high-efficiency multicrystalline module.









3 Kyocera Corporation. Currently, for Kyocera, Europe is a leading market, with numerous large-scale installations, and the U.S. and Asian markets are also starting construction of similar large-scale systems. Following the expansion of these large-scale power plants, Kyocera has introduced a high-output module using 60 solar cells. It plans to continue to improve and enhance the output of this module.


4 SOLON SE. SOLONs product pipeline for 2011 includes some very attractive new products so far:

a) In December 2010 with availability of Q1, SOLON introduced a new integrated rooftop system (in-roof module), the SOLON Blue 250/05. Its especially designed for the French market, as only 12 of these modules will deliver an output of 3 kWp, and an integrated rooftop system of this size benefits from very attractive French feed-in tariff regulations. For other markets, its attractive as well because it gets quite a high energy output out of limited roof space.

b) In April of 2011, SOLON will introduce a DC/DC kit where every module is equipped with an integrated power optimizer to minimize potential losses from partial shading or mismatch. The performance of each module can be monitored independently through a user-friendly Web interface. Finally, this system offers increased installer and firefighter safety as the modules can easily be shutdown, e.g., for service or in case of fire.

c) In the segment of solar systems for roofs, SOLON will introduce a system solution for weight-constrained flat rooftops. The system will be non-roof-penetrating and quick to install. Introduction to the market could be mid 2011.

d) For Q3 of 2011, SOLON plans to launch a flexible solar module based on thin-film technology. This energy-producing foil is very lightweight and flexible and will enable new applications, for instance, in the field of BIPV.

e) In summer/autumn, SOLON is planning to introduce a SCADA system for industrial rooftop solutions--at the PVSEC in Valencia in 2010, SOLON already introduced SCADA solutions for greenfield systems.

f) Last but not least, SOLON is working on a battery system for the residential market. House owners with a PV installation can increase the amount of the energy they consume themselves from their own system, which is favorable, if local energy costs are above the production costs of their solar system. With a battery system, the moment of energy production is no longer linked to the time of consumption, meaning house owners can use their own solar energy also in the night.


5 Trina Solar. Trina Solar currently manufactures crystalline-silicon (c-Si) PV modules. Its capacity of 1 GWp (to be reached in late 2010/early 2011) allows the company to offer its customers a wide range of modules, with efficiencies ranging from 170 Wp to 290 Wp. Its large portfolio of modules is suitable for all types of installations, from residential to utility-scale systems, in any market in the world. Its latest technology, the QuadMax (TSM-DC80), is its most powerful cell technology to date, and is ideal for residential systems, maximizing power output per square meter. The square-shaped, mono-crystalline cells have boosted conversion efficiencies of up to 18.8%. The QuadMax will be commercially available to selected customers in 2011.








6 SMA Solar. Two recent new product introductions are expected to play a major role in the companys North American strategy in 2011. The Sunny Boy TL-US comes in three models. The Sunny Boy 8000TL-US and Sunny Boy 9000TL-US feature industry-best CEC efficiencies of 98%, while the Sunny Boy 10,000-US achieves an impressive 97.5%. The TL-US line is the first UL-certified transformerless solar inverters.

The Sunny Central Compact Power (CP) line has also just been introduced to the North American market. It includes the Sunny Central 500CP, 630CP, 720CP, 760CP and 800CP.

The Sunny Central 800CP is the first outdoor-rated, single device with a nominal capacity of 800 kVA. Its peak continuous power is 10% higher--880kVA--at temperatures below 77F. Leading grid management functions are included as well. The CP (which stands for compact power) and HE (high efficiency) series are part of SMAs utility-scale lineup, which consists of power station solutions up to 1.6 MW.


7 Q-Cells. By 2011, Q-Cells plans to set up its own manufacturing facility for monocrystalline premium modules at the companys site in Thalheim, Germany, thus addressing an even wider range of client groups.

The premium module is called Q.PEAK and will complete its existing product portfolio, currently comprising crystalline modules Q.BASE and Q.PRO, which are manufactured by partner companies and thin-film module Q.SMART, produced in Thalheim.

Moreover, Q-Cells will increasingly leverage its long-term experience with cell production and large-scale solar parks not only by expanding its module business but also by introducing the smaller system business for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) applications. After the realization of its first large rooftop system in Saxony-Anhalt in Q3 2010, reaching a capacity of almost 1 MWp, Q-Cells intends to further expand this business (C&I) and increase its share of rooftop systems also in other European key markets.


8 Conergy AG. Conergy is constantly developing new products and solutions. In autumn 2010, Conergy presented its new system solution for large-scale projects for the first time and the official launch of the system will take place in 2011. Furthermore, Conergy is constantly improving its self-consumption solution for the monitoring of private on-roof systems and the improvement of the percentage of self-consumed energy thanks to the Conergy VisionBox as well as to the related Conergy SunReader Internet portal. This new solution was launched with extensive features in October 2010. In addition, the company is permanently improving its inverter generations of the Conergy IPG series and Conergy PowerPlus modules. Moreover, Conergy is constantly monitoring new developments in the market and searching for appropriate solutions for new trends and opportunities.


9 Suntech. Suntech is targeting to achieve over 20% conversion efficiency for its commercialized monocrystalline solar cells by 2012. It will continue to make gradual improvements to its solar cell and module technology to drive down the lifetime costs of solar electricity for consumers. In addition, Suntech will introduce new, tailor-made product offerings for specific regional market demands and local requirements.


Jeanny Lim is Editor-in-Chief of InterPV. Send your comments to swied@infothe.com.



For more information, please send your e-mails to pved@infothe.com.

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