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Rapid Metallization Paste Firing of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
Co-firing of crystalline silicon solar cell metal contacts in infrared conveyor furnaces is the standard of the industry today. Typical ramp rates of 60 - 80°C/s and total firing times of approximately 16 to 20 seconds are used due to limitations inherent in currently available p...
The Influence of Sputtering Targets on the Manufacturing Costs and Efficiency of CIGS
Austrian company, PLANSEE’s metals contribute to the performance of photovoltaics and solar thermal applications as coating materials. The metals are highly adhesive and resistant against corrosion and oxidation. The manufacturing cost reduction in terms of USD per watt is one of...
Driving Higher PV Inverter Efficiencies with Customizable System-on-Chip
Semiconductor technological advances are giving PV designers the ability to drive higher efficiencies, thus maximizing precious harvested energy. Integration of numerous board-level components is key to driving lower power consumption and BOS. Newly introduced customizable System...
New Generation Grid-Inverter
Inverters are a key element for energy conversion of the viability of photovoltaic systems. Innovative concepts and developments are necessary to increase the efficiency of PV systems and to keep associated costs to a minimum.
First-in-Nation Solar Registration Offers Model for Expansion
Eleven days from solar application to install. Seems like a dream for solar installers? Well, it’s not.
Breakthrough Furnace Can Cut Solar Costs
A game-changing Optical Cavity Furnace developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory uses optics to heat and purify solar cells at unmatched precision while sharply boosting the cells’ efficiency.
Novel Circuit Topology and Modular Design Approach for Large Commercial and Utility-Scale Inverter
Failures at the inverter level or at the photovoltaic field often cause downtimes of large commercial and utility applications. By choosing an elaborate inverter system, the uptime can be increased significantly while reducing the cost of BOS. This eliminates plant shutdown, redu...
Black Silicon Antireflection Technology
Natcore black silicon products with inexpensive one-step method reduces light reflection from silicon wafers to less than 2% and could reduce manufacturing production cost and capital costs. The antireflection process turns silicon wafers black thus allowing them to absorb 98% of...
Solar-Powered Bike Port
SANYO-Powered solar bike port helps Boulder’s Casey Middle School gear up for district’s first LEED certification.
Solar Simulators, Beyond the Basics
Solar simulators are critical metrology tools used by the PV module manufacturing industry to determine the power rating of solar modules. Uncertainties or errors in power rating measurement can significantly impact a module manufacturer’s revenue. Unfortunately, a simple examina...
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