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Blacksburg, Virginia Residential PV Installation
Glenn Skutt, an electrical engineer with PowerHub Systems in the Town of Blacksburg, Virginia, the U.S.A., was contemplating solar power for his home and had already signed up for one of the state’s solar incentive programs.
The Mono-Like Multi Wafers
ReneSola is a Jiashan-headquartered solar wafer manufacturer. In 2011, ReneSola announced it had developed a new multicrystalline wafer, the Virtus Wafer, achieving an average cell conversion efficiency rate of 17.5%, more than 1% higher than the industry-standard cell conversion...
centrotherm cell & module: A Pioneer of the Turnkey Concept in Cell Manufacturing
centrotherm photovoltaics AG created centrotherm cell & module GmbH to house its solar cell & module business segment. centrotherm cell & module GmbH offers crystalline solar cell and module production equipment and related engineering services. In this interview with InterPV mag...
A Configurator for PV Installation
The demand for small industrial as well as residential rooftop installations is growing worldwide. The planning of such roof projects requires a detailed study based on multiple parameters. Siliken has created a tool which carries out this project in five simple steps, offering a...
JinkoSolar: Global Network Plus Local Service Strategy
JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. is one of the few PV manufacturers that has 1.2 GW capacity in 2011 with a vertically integrated model, producing high-quality crystalline ingots, wafers, cells, and mono- and multicrystalline PV panels. Its full control over the production chain allo...
Deploying Solar in Schools
Education is one of many sectors progressing in the area of solar photovoltaic deployment to provide energy savings for a sustainable future. Many school’s are not yet aware of the many added benefits that solar can bring to their campuses while offsetting energy costs.
Making Solar Installation Stronger, Lighter, Faster
Unirac has led the PV mounting market with a breadth of product solutions and services designed to meet the needs of any type of solar installation. Richard Welch, Vice President and COO of Unirac, talks about some challenges they’re dealing with in installing solar arrays and ho...
Framing the Debate
Tapes vs. silicone in solar module manufacturingFraming of solar modules presents a major pain point for manufacturers tasked with securing the frame to the PV laminate with greater speed and efficiency. InterPV sat down with Geoffrey King, Marketing Manager, Renewable Energy, Sa...
Inverter Topology Issues for Grounded PV Modules
The ever-evolving solar panel technology has led to the development of different types of solar cells. As a result, new types of crystalline cells, such as the BSC (Backside Contact Solar Cells), and a number of thin-film technologies have gained a foothold in the market. Some of...
Saving the Planet Using Natural Daylight
In the gathering rush to comply with increasing governmental regulations and emotional desires to leave an unpolluted and more sustainable planet to our children, Ciralight Global, a manufacturer of patented Smart Skylights™, known as the Suntrackerⓒ, uses solar powered GPS solar...
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