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Product Pipeline: We Just Don’t Like Standing Still.
Leading global photovoltaics companies are presenting their product pipelines (innovative solar products). The robust and diverse pipelines are a testament to their dedication, inspiration and hardwork to creating a cleaner and brighter future.
2011 Strategies Unveiled: Leading PV companies reveal their strategies for 2011.
January is typically a busy month for every business in almost every industry sector as companies prepare themselves for the year to come. In time for the New Year, InterPV magazine has asked leading PV players about their goals and strategies for the year 2011. The global PV mar...
2011 PV Market: Optimism Prevails
Despite challenges, leading PV companies remain optimistic about 2011.
Beyond the Grid Parity Wave: Keeping the solar PV ‘Wave’ rolling after grid parity
Solar industry analysts often refer to grid parity as a single date that will dramatically accelerate industry growth. At the onset of grid parity, government subsidies and feed-in tariffs will go away and solar electricity costs will be on par with electricity generated by fossi...
The Paradox of Solar Adoption in the United States
It’s messy. It’s inefficient. It’s working.The United States is forecast to be the second-largest global market for solar in 20121) despite the absence of a broad-based national climate change policy. Efforts in the U.S. to put a price on carbon and establish national mandates fo...
CIGS on Plastic: Efficiency Goes High
Cell efficiency on polyimide nears that of glass.At the end of June, the Laboratory for Thin Films and Photovoltaics at the EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology registered a world record of 17.6% efficiency for thin-film Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS) solar c...
Korea’s PV Market: Who Leads the Market?
What’s going on in some of the most influential companies in the Korean Photovoltaic (PV) industry? InterPV presents an updated look at the key Korean PV players in the fields ranging from PV cell and module to polysilicon, ingot and wafer.
The New PV Pipeline
Increasing competition, falling PV module prices spurring vertical integration in solar market Competition in the solar market is fundamentally changing the shape of the industry. As prices of PV modules and other equipment decline and competition puts downward pressure on energy...
Solar Buzzword: Utility-scale Solar
Today, solar is unarguably one of the main renewable energy resources that show the fastest growth. Among a variety of solar segments, utility-scale solar is emerging as a new trend all around the world. In this article, major PV players from Asia to Europe and the U.S. talk abou...
Analyzing the Success of Asian PV Players
Asia is growing in importance for the global solar PV industry. Asia, especially China, boasts the largest manufacturers by capacity and the majority of the top 10 solar cell manufacturers are from Asia. How and why Asian companies have become the leading players in the global so...
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