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ISOFOTON: 3 Core Strengths

With the manufacturing of modules, cells, trackers, inverters, regulators, lighting, batteries and pumping systems, Isofoton serves the whole value chain of the photovoltaic industry using architecturally integrated technology. CEO of the company reveals its 3 strengths that others don’t have.

Reported by Jeanny H. Lim(swied@infothe.com)



Can you please briefly introduce your company to InterPV readers around the world?

Isofoton is a global company founded 30 years ago that is present in over 60 countries. Isofoton is a pioneering company that is leading the way in the design, manufacture, and supply of solar energy solutions, thus contributing to sustainable planet development. The company focuses its activity on three technological areas: photovoltaics, thermal, and high concentration photovoltaics.


What new products or services have you launched recently? And do you have any new products being introduced this year?

Isofoton has always tried to adapt its developments to the latest market requirements and for that reason, all its new products have been designed to address the new technical challenges of the photovoltaic industry.

The latest remarkable developments are:

-ISF-280: Monocrystalline cell module mainly designed for BIPV applications;

-ISF-480: Monocrystalline cell module that shows the manufacturing capacity of Isofoton;

-GEN-2 HCPV module: Latest Isofoton’s high concentration photovoltaic module which in combination with a specific tracker developed jointly with the spanish company indra can sensibly increase the MW/m2 ratio in comparison with a standard crystalline module PV installation.


What is your company’s roadmap for the next years?

Isofoton will be very active within the next years mostly developing two different business areas.

-Commercial: Intensifying its activity in the main PV markets and simultaneously developing new business relationships in emerging ones;

-Production: A 50 MW manufacturing plant we will open in Ohio, the U.S.A. during 2012. We are analyzing the feasibility of setting up another production plant in China.


What is your competitive advantage over other players?

We got 3 core strengths that our competitors can’t imitate.

-Experience: Isofoton is one of the oldest solar modules manufacturers worldwide with over 30 years of experience in photovoltaic technology and production.

-Supply chain integration: the supply chain of Isofoton is fully integrated from solar cells to the installation of complete solar ‘turn-key’ plants.

-Innovation: Isofoton’s R&D department is continuously developing new solar technical solutions to improve its module performances and quality.


What do you see as the trend of the technology you’re specialized in?

It’s maybe increasing efficiency of the modules by simultaneously reducing their costs.


What is your strategy for the global solar PV market? Which specific country/region are you targeting for growth?

Independently from the possible evolution of different European countries, Isofoton is targeting the U.S.A. market, other American regions and some Asian countries where we expect the photovoltaic market to grow substantially during the coming years.


Are there any other stories you’d like to share with us?

Isofoton has recently signed a contract to supply and install 50 MW of solar panels in the Dominican Republic.


Jeanny H. Lim is Editor-in-Chief of InterPV. Send your comments to swied@infothe.com.



For more information, please send your e-mails to pved@infothe.com.

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