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All Cell & Module Production & Inspection Component & Power Solar Material
Production & Inspection >> Cell Production Equipment >> Inspecting/Testing
Atlas Consulting Solutions    
- Atlas Consulting Solutions offers design and implementation of complete testing and durability solutions. We help customers achieve objectives through all stages of the value chain from materials to cells and modules, arrays to full-scale solar systems.- Atlas Consulting Solutions provides four steps to help you complete the right weathering test...
Custom Solar Simulation Systems    
- Custom solar simulation systems specially designed to match requirements of tests with solar radiation, and configurable according to any specified panel surface size. - SolarConstant technology accurately reproduces Global Radiation or UV spectrum of sunlight. - The SolarConstant System is available in several sizes and features components that ...
Solar Simulation Environmental Chambers    
- Solar simulation environmental chambers that utilize full spectrum metal halide light sources with high irradiance capabilities for testing finished products as well as PV Modules.- Spacious test chambers offer five test capacities for testing large surface areas.- Influencing parameters can be individually programmed
Ci Series Weather-Ometers    
- A family of Weather-Ometers that delivers uniform levels of irradiance and precise temperature and humidity control.- Uses advanced water-cooled xenon arc lamps to deliver constant radiant exposure.- Best price/sample capacity ratio in the industry
Solar Cell Light Soaking System    
- Electrical Characteristic Evaluation System by Light Soaking for various solar cells such as Thin-Film (KS C IEC 60904-9)- Spectral Match: Class B- Non-Uniformity of Irradiance: Class B- Temporal Instability of Irradiance: Class B- Continuous Wave type- Light irradiance on small/large surface solar cell (Cell / Module)- Temperature Control- Suppo...
Solar Cell Efficiency Measurement System    
- Solar Simulator (IEC60904-9)- Spectral Match: Class A- Non-Uniformity of Irradiance: Class A- Temporal Instability of Irradiance: Class A- Automatic light shutter by remote control- Light calibration by remote control- I-V Tester with Reverse Current Measurement- Sample JIG with 4 Probes Measurement MethodMain Functions/Specifications- Various Ir...
Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrom...    
- Element analysis F(9)~Fm(100) from PPB’s to 100% concentrations.- Down to 123eV resolution- Six customizable filters ready to optimized any application- Light elements detectors option- Robust design, compact geometry- Sample tray with 8/16 positions- High count rate with state of the art new digital technology- Detectable range: F(9)~Fm(100)- De...
High Resolution X-ray Diffractometer    
- Automated alignment, measurement and analysis of samples- Degree of automation of measurement is defined by user- Full 300mm wafer horizontal mounting and mapping- Pole figures and residual stress measurements possible due to 100˚ tilt(Chi) and unlimited azimuthal rotation(Phi) - Parallel beam multilayer mirror as standard on all systems- Four ad...
Photovoltaic Module & Array Tester    
- Portable and battery operated - Auto measurement schedule - Remote sensor unit with data logger (Irradiance and Module temperature) - USB interface for PC control - Measurement : I-V curve, Pm, Isc, Voc, FF, Ipm, Vpm, Solar irradiance, Temperature x 2, STC conversion, Differential coefficient of I-V curve
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