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All Cell & Module Production & Inspection Component & Power Solar Material
Cell & Module >> Crystalline >> Monocrystalline
5-100ton AOD Furnace    
Argon oxygen decarburizing furnace(AOD Furnace) is a kind of Refining Furnace, which is characterized by side-blowing oxygen through the bottom tuyere with an immersion way. When the tuyere center is blown in with oxygen, argon and mixed gas of nitrogen, the proportion of argon and oxygen should be adjusted, then, it can achieve the purpose of deca...
monocrystal solar cell eff 18.8%    
Dimension:125mm or 156mm±0.5mmWafer Thickness:200μm±20μmDiagonal:200mm±1.0mm(round chamfers)Front:1.5mm Silver bus bars Blue/others silicon nitride antireflection coatingBack:3.0mm Silver bus barsFull-surface aluminum BSFWholesale 18.8 High Efficiency silicon 4.5Watt 3BB 156mm Mono Crystalline Solar Cell 8.2A 0.5v Isc 8.76A Vov 0.64v Packing detai...
monocrystal solar panel 100W    
solar panel module High efficiency 17.2% Size: 1325*541*40 CE,TUV, IEC certificate Limited warranty in 25 yearssolar panel module1. With advanced materials and equipments, our modules are designed and manufactured in consistency with the IEC 61215:1993 standards which can guarantee excellent electrical performance and the product life span of 25 y...
MWT Module    
MWT Module
High Efficiency Polysilicon Wafer    
High Efficiency Polysilicon Wafer
Solar Module    
60Cell-SeriesMulti : 245W, 250WMono : 245W, 250W
SSBAT4_Mono Solar Cel    
■ Info·Highest Power Output and Conversion Efficiency·Lower CTM Loss·Minimal Light Induced Degradation ·Minimal Potential Induced Degradation- STX’s ARC scheme can prevent power degradation at negative bias potential up to 5%
STXSolar ECO BLUE Module    
■ Info·Eco Friendly- Pb Free Solar Cell and Solder·Water Resistance- Potting type Junction box, Low-moisture permeability backsheet ·High Durability- Enforced Encapsulant, Stabilizer bar on back side Corrosion resistance and Dust Free Frame·Chemical Resistance- Ammonia & H2S corrosion resistance(TUV, IEC 62716 and KTL)
STXSolar Multi Module    
■ Info- Guaranteed Quality – Made by STX Solar- High Output Power with STX Quality Assurance- Highly Reliable and Efficient Cell Technology- Power Tolerance : 0~4.99Wp- High Transmission Low Iron Tempered Glass- All Products Certified by TUV / UL / CEC etc.- Strong Mechanical Resistance - Loads of up to 8,100 Pa (30 lbs/ft²)- Suitable For a Va...
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