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Bike into the air of solar power    
By using the sunlight, available without power
Water-well drilling rig    
This drilling rig can be used to drill water wells with a depth of 985ft and wellhead diameter of 1.6 ft. It can also be used to drill the gas wells of the same specification and also can engage in workover operations. The water-well drilling rig is a kind of mobile rig. The heavy-duty and cruise chassis is chosen for loading the hoisting/spinning ...
gw-es5050tsj oilwell testing truck    
The truck can be designed with 5 according to users’ requirements. Chassis: The chassis used on the truck is a NJ6683NR6 IVECO chassis with open doors at the side and rear of the truck. An electrical- spray diesel engine is utilized with a 4×2 drive that meets European III emissions standards. The vehicle looks great and is well laid-out with its d...
Skid-mounted drilling rig    
The drive ways of these kinds of drilling rigs include mechanical drive, electrical drive (VFD or SCR), electro/mechanical drive and others. The compact skid modular structure is convenient for installation and transportation. It meets the requirement of entire moving structure and cluster well drilling. In addition, the drilling rig requires only...
Truck-mounted drilling rig    
With an optimum structure and high-level integration, the whole rig requires a small working space. l The heavy-duty self-propelled chassis are available in various drive ways 8×6, 10×8, 12×8, 14×8, 14×12, with hydraulic steering system which ensures good drilling accessibility, cruise capability and lateral stability, and also the working reliab...
Helicopter drilling rig    
The drilling rig with a drilling depth of below 16500 ft can be designed as a helicopter-hoisted drilling rig. Each module of the drilling rig can be kept within 5291 lb, which is suitable for application in mountains, jungles, swamps, beaches, deserts and islands where there is no road access or road conditions do not permit the transportation of ...
Onshore workover rig    
The series of wheeled tractor hoists/workover rigs are available for workover and service of oil, gas and water wells onshore.Wheeled Tractor Hoist/Workover RigThe series of wheeled tractor hoists/workover rigs are available for workover and service of oil, gas and water wells onshore. On the depth of prescribed wells, besides hoisting and lowering...
Offshore drlling rig    
This offshore drilling and workover rig has a modular structure to achieve fast installation, and can meet the hoisting requirements of different hoisting equipment. It can move in both longitudinal and transverse directions to achieve workover or drilling operations on every well location in the pad area of the ocean platform wellhead. With differ...
Offshore drilling and workover    
l It consists of mechanical drive and electrical drive offshore drilling rig.Main features:l By using diesel engines and a hydraulic transmission box to drive the drawworks and rotary table, the mechanical drive offshore drilling rig can achieve high transmission efficiency. The electrical drive offshore drilling rig normally uses one or several DC...
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