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All Cell & Module Production & Inspection Component & Power Solar Material
Production & Inspection >> Cell Production Equipment >> Inspecting/Testing
Cell & Module Tester (Mutil I-V Curve Tracer)    
- Suitable for all types of Cells and Modules up to 300W - Electric load measurement principle - Auto measurement schedule - Automatic STC conversion - Advanced PC control software and data analysis - Expand number of module and Temperature input channels (6, 12, 24, 36, 48) with selector- Measurement : I-V curve, Pm, Isc, Voc, FF, Ipm, Vpm, Solar ...
Large Area Solar Simulator    
- AAA large area steady state solar simulator- Customizing possible up to any size- Tiltable system- Non stop reliability testing up to 1800 hrs- Long life lamp can save maintenance fee- AAA (IEC 60904-9) class- Spectral match up to 1700 nm- Lamp lifetime 9000 hrs / 1800 hrs- Time to full intensity : 10 mins
PV Accelerated Test System with Environmental...    
- In-situ I/V test system with precious current & voltage measurement- Include MYPGT* function for comparing pv yield performance degradation- Compatible and adapt to ATLAS pv acceleration chamber- Industrial Rack Type- Expand to 2 2hannel for comparing each pv modules- Test Device : #1 PV Module/Cell (#2 option), Capacity : 600W, 500V, 20A- Test F...
Outdoor PV Assessment System    
- Multi-channel field test system for obtaining a nice distinction of each PV for a long time- Minimized the effect of inverter, grid, and cable by using MYPGT* method- Time scheduling in-situ I/V measurement- Wide capacity to test various type PV module and cell- Data logging various meteorology: irradiance, PV surface temp, wind, solar spectrum, ...
IQE Measurement System    
- Simultaneous EQE, IQE Measurement- Patent Pending(Quantum Efficiency Measurement System and Method of Use)- Simultaneous 4Channel Data Acquisition, enables very rapid measurement- Wavelength Range : 350~1100nm & 360~1800nm, 300~1100nm & 300~1800nm- Beam Spot : 1x2.5mm(general, custom size available)- Integrating sphere Option: Reflectance Measure...
Solar Simulating System    
- Factory certified Class AAA CW systems- Calibration certificate validating Class AAA performance for all 3 standards: IEC, ASTM and JIS(IEC 60904-9 Edition 2 (2007), JIS C 8912, and ASTM E 927-05 standards)- Output Beam Sizes : 2x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, and 12x12- Long-lived, highly reliable instruments designed specifically for 24/7 production environ...
Meyer Burger / Somont Stringer    
- Output : 1300 cells/h- Low breakage rates : < 0,2% ( Soft Touch Soldering)- Minimum Cost of Ownership- Stringer availability of > 95%- Reliable and industry proven components- Cell alignment Vision system- Cell thickness from 180 µm upwards- Soldering Technique Contact Soldering front&back (Soft Touch Soldering)- String length : Max. 2...
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